Sunday, January 24, 2010

Give us this day our daily bread

Family Food Fanfare is the motivation of my appreciative children, those I gave birth to and those that have joined the family. It is wonderful to hear the words, God bless the hands that prepare this food. So every day I am planning and researching and cooking for a well deserved family.
My love for cooking began as I watched my mother (not just cook but create irrestible dishes from day to day) and when I studied Home Economics in High School. However, I became more enthusiastic when as a single parent my pocket book could not accommodate the restaurant life. So instead of telling my children we could not go out and eat, I decided to bring the restaurant home and appoint myself master chef. Now we have a family of self made chefs.
I find cooking enjoyable , fascinating and a work of art.
Someday I hope to start a restaurant that is extended to the public and I hope they will enjoy my food as much as my family does.

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