Saturday, February 19, 2011

Strawberry Cream Cake
So this is the tradition. The person who has a special celebration in his behalf will wear the coat of many colors because he is considered favored on his special day. Unlike Joseph they love each other too much to get rid of the favored one.
family food fanfare wants to thank you for taking time to say happy birthday to my son and viewing my blog.
My son requested nonalcoholic cucumber shots  but instead of drink  it was served as gazpacho. It was quite refreshing. They even ate the cups. Cucumber can be a very refreshing drink. The intended drink was to blend the cucumber that was removed from the inside of the cucumber cups and mix with lemon or lime juice and a sweetner of choice, then strain for a refreshing drink . It was placed in the cups before straining.
Roast beef and home made gravy

Lemon pie cups

These are the most adorable lemon pies. Simply get some fresh lemons cut each one in two halves. Peer a little from the bottom of each half so they sit well. Remove the inside of the lemons. (Use some of the juice in your filling and refrigerate the rest for delicious lemonade etc). Then  fill each half with your favorite no bake lemon pie.. Refrigerate till ready to serve. Use your great imagination and make them as elegant as you like.
The birthday celebration has began!!!!!!!!!!