Monday, February 22, 2010

Cornish Hens

Cornish hens are quite inexpensive. They make a delicious meal. They make a very beautifully laid table. So elegant.The secret is to to dress them well and add lots of flavors because the fat content is very little.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quince and Cheese Toast with Fruit in Yogurt Sauce

Serve this for breakfast or brunch. guaranteed to boost your energy. It is well balanced with the nutritious and tasty jell of the Quince fruit. It is of Asian origin and is very rich in vitamin C, A, iron and calcium etc. The berries are fresh bursting with antioxidants - (smothered in sauce made of plain yogurt and brown sugar), just ready to detox your system and rejuvenate those cells. A delightful medley of goodness.

Peppered Cheese Omelet

This Omelet is by no means just an egg. This is
another versatile dish. The French Omelet is talked about much and is eaten just as much. You can make an omelet with your choice of fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats. I topped this cheese omelet with different bell peppers and a secret white sauce that is quick and easy and has no thickener Shhhh! its a secret but I am willing to share
You can be creative . Have it your way!

Fruit Full Crepes

Breakfast anyone!!!!!!!! This is only the second time
I have made crepes, but I do like to eat them. I like them because they are so versatile-Derived from the French cuisine to tantalize your taste buds and fill your eyes and stomach. Enjoy the French pancake at any time as a dish of your choice-whether you want it for breakfast lunch or, dinner made with sweet fillings and toppings for breakfast or desert, or savory for brunch or meal of your choice. You can never go wrong. As far as your cooking imagination can go you can serve it with a crepe. Have it your way today!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick Any Chicken Parmesan

Here you are contemplaing how to cook this thawed out chicken you have in your fridge. Well, Parmesan chicken sure sounds good but you only have two chicken breast, well dont worry, try my Quick Any Chicken Parmesan. Cut up that whole chicken , season well, brown in a skillet, pour off excess oil and pour a jar of salsa over the chicken, sprinkle a little dried parmesan cheese on top, then some seasoned bread crumbs and a little more cheese let simmer till done. Quick and tasty!

Bulgar Wheat

Have you had your whole grain today? Let me introduce you to bulgur/bulgar if you don't already know. It is very nutritious and healthy for you. Make it like rice, or choose one of the many ways of preparing it. It is very very good for you. Serve it your way or try it the Mediterranean way- Tabouli a tasty salad.

Pierogies with Tomatoes and Turkey Sausage

Are you an individual who wonder about food from other countries? I do. Did you miss the plane? well then, try this Eastern European dish. Join the Russian, Polish and Ukranians in their delightful dish. You can make them from scratch or pick them up at the grocery store. Just add other ingrients to make them your way. They are little pockets of goodness. Found with different fillings Check it out. You will like them. The first time I made them, I bought Mrs. T's Pierogies at the grocery store. Thanks! Mrs. T.

Broccoli and Tomato Salad

You can almost see the bottom of the bowl because it was devoured in mins. Fresh broccoli cut in small pieces with some halved cherry tomatoes and some whole for beauty. The flavor is amazing. The secret seasoned bread crumbs or preferably seasoned stuffing mix, hydrated with sprinkle of water and a little olive oil. Soon I will put the recipes for these dishes on my blog if my followers are interested in making them.

Couscous with Spinach and Parmesan Cheese

Couscous is the pearls of pasta. Therefore lets treat it that way. Add it to the menu for dinner tonight. If you have never had it, your family may wonder what are you serving, but when they taste it they will love it. It is simple to make, delicious and nutritious. In this dish I add some spinach and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. After all it is pasta.

Mushroom Potato Soup

Do you like potato soup but you can't have too much because it is so rich and good. Well, now you can enjoy the goodness and have a bowl whenever you want. How? Just add cream of mushroom soup and may be a 1/4 cup a milk of your choice . Eliminate all the heavy creams and still have that creamy goodness. Enjoy!!!!!