Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here is a list of some of the dishes I have made. Some may not have a pic on the blog as yet.

Oxtail stew and coconut rice, native to the island, meat has butter beans, green onion and fresh thyme habenero pepper, may use a different pepper

Tamarind glazed Cornish hens, posted
Dilled fish with onion and tomatoes, - Season fish of choice, (I use whiting or tilapia) and slightly flour and pan fry. Pace fish on serving platter. Saute onion slices chopped tomatoes in the pan you just removed the fish from. Add few chipolte cubes optional season with salt and pepper. Do not over cook. Finishing touch add lots of fresh dill. and pour over the fish.

Salmon in infused sweet basil oil, Skin or not skinned salmon-Pour shallow oil in a pan, just lay branches of sweet basil in the hot oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper, turn on medium heat till the basil look like it is getting dried in the oil, season the salmon sparingly with salt and pepper, lay the salmon on top of the basil branches. will be cooked in no time so scoop the little oil in the bottom of the pan on top of the salmon. May put some of the basil leaves on top and bottom of the serving platter. Sweet basil fries nicely, just looks dehydrated and good.
Curried Salmon, curry is native to different countries and each country has their own kind. The one we use in Jamaica is more yellow. So here is what I do. Season the salmon, saute in pan, then mix some curry in a can of cream of mushroom soup and pour over the salmon, let it simmer, at the end add some green onion. aka scallion, spring of thyme pepper of choice, (fresh of course). serve with rice or mashed potatoes or your choice.
Tilapia brown fish stew, So easy, follow the recipe for the dill fish but instead of plating it, return it to the skillet and add some broth of choice, chicken, or vegetable, do not cover the fish with the broth. Cover the pot so the fish steams. season with salt pepper and thyme and green onion. hint: bruise the green onion by smashing it so the flavors will come out in the stew and it also helps to make it creamier, then remove the thyme and green onion before serving You should have at least a cup or two of stew to pour over the fish.

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