Monday, December 6, 2010

Salmon, tuna puppies penne and salad

This meal was thrown together with not much consideration. I thought for a moment why am I making pasta with fish . I heard no complains because the tuna puppies ( I call them) or hush puppies goes well with the pasta and the fresh, salad wow!!!!!

So I made tuna puppies , I really need to look up where the name hush puppies came from but since I made mine from a can of tuna, I am just going to continue calling them tuna puppies. This is what I did.
I got a box of chicken stuffing mix, small can of tuna in oil, two tbsp. of cornmeal, bowl with extra cornmeal for coating, oil for frying. ( do not add salt). Hydrate the stuffing in hot tap water, mix with your hand till it is mushy, add cornmeal and tuna (don't pour off the oil that the tuna is in, add it as well) mix well, form mixture into balls then take them and toss one ball at a time around loosely in your hand with cornmeal, letting the excess meal fall through your fingers back in the bowl. Deep fry in your favorite oil. I just use vegetable oil.

Don"t you think salmon is awesome. Well the way I cooked it here may be a little unusual but I took the pic while it was still cooking. It is in garlic infused oil, seasoned with pepper and salt. Does not need much more than that. If it will make you more comfortable just remove the skin and you will have a nice salmon steak. The easiest way to remove the skin is to rest skin portion on the surface you are handling the salmon; hold skin at the beginning of one end. Place the blade of the knife between the flesh and the skin, pointing the sharp side of the blade away from you and slightly pointing down, cut the flesh from the skin. Salmon cooks in minutes and is delicious and nutritious. Fresh herbs are a great enhancement to salmon dish. Infused garlic in oil and salmon has the perfect marriage.

This is a quick dinner, but oh so good!

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  1. Dillons have salmon that are often on sale for half price. I follow their adds weekly and find some really good bargains