Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chicken wings, potato salad and bake beans.

You can make your own wings at home it is easy and less expensive. If you like to cook, you get to create your own sauce. I made four different kinds, so simple because you prepare all the wings the same way then add your different sauces to each batch. Cook in no time and smells, taste and looks amazing.

No need to create a new BBQ sauce if you already have one, simply add a little pineapple juice and let those wings bathe in its goodness.

Honey Mustard: Dijon mustard, mayonnaise, and honey. I am sure any mustard would be OK, I just used the one I had

Some mustards are more tart however, Dijon has a milder taste.I don't measure ingredients much so I am just giving you the ideas.

HOT AND SPICY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot wings- mixture of sriracha hot sauce (Asian store) generous amount, honey, red pepper sauce, (Asian market), little soy sauce and pineapple juice. The red pepper sauce has some sweetness to it so use the hot sauce as your base and add the other ingredients sparingly until you have a good combination of flavors.

We decided to have a wing night; Awesome each wing dish has a different flavor

Jalapeno sauce - Is a combination of grated garlic and jalapeno infused in vegetable oil
at the end add little pineapple juice. OK so I use pineapple juice a lot but it is naturally sweet and it is a wonder of essence that add flavors and tenderness to dishes.


Check it out, what is your flavor? we have-very red one is HOT WINGS

the rectangular plate is BBQ

Bowl with the Jalapeno is GUESS?

The one that looks sort of yellow is HONEY MUSTARD

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