Saturday, November 27, 2010

So who is making the cocktails this year?
Well done guys for since we don't consume
alcoholic beveraages, grape juice is a good
start. But we need more lol. Thats my
moms favorite drink. Love you mom wish
you were here.
Isn't that a beautiful centerpiece. The colors are joyful. But look at that soup. Creamy pumpkin soup, just warm up as you come out of the cold and wonderful smells of foods makes you salivate and prepare your taste buds for the feast.

Stuffing made by one of my sons.

What is your family tradition on Thanksgiving? For us one of the things we do is each immediate family member and partner makes a dish of choice. Thanksgiving can become pretty interesting at times. We do always have the traditional foods as well. It is fascinating because everyone gets involved in the planning and become so creative.

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