Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tofu Fried and Saucy

What you will need  for frying: 1 block firm tofu
                                         garlic powder
                                        onion powder
                                   corn starch
                                     vegetable oil
Tofu made from soy bean curd is very bland but like any food product, it  can be quite delectable you incorporate the right flavors.. There are many ways to prepare tofu and so I put my creative hat on and do it my way. First I squeeze out excess liquid from the tofu, then slice, sprinkle each piece with salt, garlic powder and onion seasoning and black  dredge the pieces in corn starch, dip in egg wash and dredge again in cornstarch, fry in shallow oil.
After frying: Serve as is, or add a sauce to some of the fried tofu'. In the skillet that you fried tofu, pour off oil if  necessary, then add some jalapeno slices, chopped green onion, stir and then add some stir fry; sauce, places the tofu slices in pan and toss tofu in pan gently till coated just for a min then remove and serve.

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